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A facelift can instantly remove years from your appearance. Facelifts are designed to focus on changing some of the key components of facial aging. Laxity is most commonly seen in the neck and jowl region. Over time, jowls start to appear and can give a square shape to the face. The neck skin can start to sag and become more evident in photos. You can lose definition in the jaw region. All of these loose areas can be improved with a facelift. Double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Warner Papillion, will sit with you and discuss all aspects of facial aging to customize your best options. Dr. Papillion will discuss whether you may be a candidate for a mini facelift as opposed to a facelift as well as other important facial rejuvenation options. Dr. Papillion feels strongly that for the best result, you have to address facial laxity, facial volume, and skin damage. Below, Dr. Papillion has answered some of the most commonly asked questions about a facelift. Keep reading to learn more!

Quick facts:


Cost: 10000-15000
Downtime: 7-10 days
Pain Scale: 5-7
Also known as: Facelift, rhytidectomy, Mini Facelift, short scar facelift, deep plane facelift, facial rejuvenation

The decision to undergo a facelift is not a decision I took lightly. After hours of research online, referrals from friends, and asking nurses and doctors I knew who they recommended I decided to meet with Dr. Paul Papillion . Dr Papillion was extremely professional, kind, and was very confident about his ability to do the procedures I needed completed.

Since having my facelift I have had more than one person tell me I look “20 years younger!” My goal was to look more rested. I’m thrilled with my results! People often ask if I would do it all again – I answer a resounding yes! Who doesn’t want to look 20 years younger!!!


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Am I a good candidate for a facelift?

The best candidates for a facelift are people in good overall health. Health issues can lead to an increased likelihood of surgical or post-surgical complications.

Ideal candidates are non-smokers. Smokers must quit at least two weeks before the date of surgery, and they must avoid smoking during their recovery process. Smoking results in a decline in skin health and can prolong the healing period after surgery, and it can also lead to post-operative complications.

Good rhytidectomy candidates have a positive attitude and realistic expectations for their procedure’s results.

What is the difference between a mini facelift and a facelift?

FaceliftThey are similar, the main difference is that in a facelift, dissection is done under the chin to expose and address any loose hanging muscle bands “plastisma bands” that are in the region. The facelift often gives a more defined result in the neck compared to a mini facelift. In a mini facelift, the dissection for the surgery is limited to just the sides of the face and does not cross under the chin. This more limited dissection still allows for the improvement of the jowls and neck contour, with less surgery and less recovery. If a patient does not have significant banding or excess skin under the chin, I typically recommend a mini facelift as the procedure of choice.

Will I look fake and pulled?

No. I prefer a natural look as opposed to a fake pulled look. How your procedure is performed will dictate the result. I do not understand surgeons who provide the windswept look.

Actual Facelift Before and After Results Case Studies

How long will my results last?

Forever. This may be the most commonly asked question. And the typical answer given is 10 years… but that’s not true. A facelift is a lifelong change. For example, If we take identical twins that look the same at age 60 and perform a facelift on one of the twins, but leave the other alone and then compare both twins 10 years after the rejuvenation. The twin who underwent the facelift 10 years prior will still look younger than the twin who did not. However, they both will have aged and the twin who had the facelift, will certainly have some recurrent laxity to her face. So the answer is, your results will last forever, however, you will continue to age as time goes on, and you will need a touch up along the way to maintain your results.

When is the best time to have a facelift or mini facelift?

When you are ready. That question can only be answered by you. I have patients who do not want to reach a point at which it looks like they need a facelift, so they start early. These patients often have subtle changes, only noticed by their closest friends…but all that everyone else knows is that they never seem to age… I have patients who wanted to wait until they really felt ready and like they had a need for facial rejuvenation. These patients often have the most dramatic results with years taken off in one surgery. Some of these changes are amazing.

What’s the difference between a facelift and a neck lift?

Not much. They both use the same incisions and address the same things. Some people notice the neck more and so we call it a neck lift. I want any patient that undergoes a facelift to have a perfect neck. I want any patient that undergoes a neck lift to have the ideal shape to the jawline and lower face.

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These were some of the most common questions asked about the facelift. Schedule your consultation regarding the facelift in Nashville, Tennessee, with double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Warner Papillion now. We can’t wait to see you!