Chin Liposuction


Chin liposuction is a low risk procedure that can give you immediate improvement to the jawline contour, neck contour, and reduced fullness directly under the chin. Double board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Warner Papillion routinely performs this procedure. He can identify the best plan of action and will discuss your best options for chin, neck, and jawline contouring. His biggest advantage is that he performs all aspects of facial contouring and if chin liposuction is not the best option for you, he will let you know what will be. Dr. Papillion has answered some of the common questions below about chin liposuction. Keep reading to learn more.

Quick Facts:

Chin Liposuction

Cost: 3800-4200
Downtime: 5 days
Pain Scale: 3
Also known as: jawline shaping, neck liposuction

I am so happy that I found your practice and Dr. Papillon, I only wish I’d found him sooner! I was greeted warmly and helped right away when I arrived. I was very comfortable during the exam and all of my questions were answered thoroughly. I left feeling confident that I would use Dr. Papillion for this procedure mainly because I feel like his knowledge and attention to detail would extend beyond the exam room into the operating room. Dr. Papillion has an excellent bedside manner, which honestly is hard to find these days. I would feel 100% comfortable having my procedure done by Dr. Papillion.

by Verified Patient

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How long will it take to see my result?

Your results will be seen immediately after surgery. You will need about 2-3 months to see your final result due to swelling, but you will have improvement immediately.

Before and After Photos of Chin Augmentation with Chin Liposuction

How do I know if I am a good candidate?

You will need a consultation. Good candidates have good skin quality and localized area fat easily pinchable. Poor candidates have loose skin. …I have other options for loose skin.

Do I have to wear a garment?

I want you to wear a chin strap, we provide for you, 24 hours a day for 3 days, then just 12 hours a day for 5 days.

When can I workout?

You can work out about 2 weeks after surgery.

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Chin LiposuctionChin liposuction Nashville Tennessee

These were some of the most common questions asked during a chin liposuction consult. Dr. Paul Warner Papillion would be happy to see you and discuss your concerns. Schedule your consultation today. We can’t wait to see you!

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