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Mini Breast Augmentation


Mini breast augmentation or small breast augmentation is becoming more popular. Fitness and comfort are leading this trend. Many times, a small implant can give just the improvement needed to help fill out clothes while maintaining an athletic look. Dr Papillion understands that the goals for every patient are different regarding the final size of the breast. He takes pride in listening to the patient and helping them obtain a plan that will get them the result they desire.

Quick Facts:

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Cost: 7400-9000
Downtime: 3-7 days
Also known as: Mini Breast Augmentation, Small Breast Augmentation, Natural Breast Augmentation, Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

After deciding to start my journey with breast augmentation, I started researching surgeons in my area. I had already met with one doctor at a different office when I had my consultation with Dr. Papillion. He had rave reviews and I loved the results of his before and after shots. From the get-go, everything was so easy. I was nervous for my first appointment, but right away, Dr. Papillion calmed my nerves. He walked me through what he could do for me during the procedure and what I could expect from my results. I knew quickly I was in the right hands and had found the best surgeon for me. I scheduled my surgery that same day. He answered all of my crazy questions before and after my procedure in detail and with quick responses. He was so easy to talk to, as well as all his staff and nurses. My recovery was a breeze and my pain was well managed. I will absolutely return to Dr. Papillion for any future procedures I decide to get. I have already referred him to a great friend of mine looking to get a breast augmentation. I could not love my results more! Thank you for making such a great impact on my life!

by K

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How does a mini breast augmentation differ from a standard breast augmentation?

The simple answer is that a small implant is used. Also, fat transfer can be used for small breast augmentation as well. Read the Fat transfer for breast augmentation page and the Breast augmentation page for details about both.

Does a mini breast augmentation have any benefits other than a small enhancement?

Yes. Smaller breast augmentations hurt less, recover faster, and have a better long-term result when compared to larger breast augmentations.

You also have the benefits of the smaller breasts when it comes to performing athletic activities such as jogging, working out, CrossFit, and others.

How do I choose a size?

When you come in for your consultation, we will discuss your goals, perform an exam, and then we will help you size. Sizing is done by placing small implants that conform over your breast that simulate the look after breast augmentation. During this process, we are able to see what your goal size will be.

Mini Breast Augmentation Nashville
Mini Breast Augmentation Results Nashville

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What does the day of surgery look like?

When you arrive at the surgery center, you will register and be checked in. A nurse will take you to a holding room where you will change and await the anesthesiologist and OR nursing team. After visiting with the anesthesiologist, an IV will be started. Dr. Papillion will be in after this to confirm the surgical plan. After the plans have been confirmed, you will be taken to the operating room. After surgery, you will awake in the recovery room. When you are fully awake, you will be taken back to your holding room to get dressed for departure. The nurse will escort you to your car upon leaving.

Breast augmentation is one of Dr Papillion’s specialty procedures. He performs more breast augmentations than any other procedure in his practice. We would love for you to visit us so that we may help you on this journey. We look forward to seeing you!

How much does Mini Breast Augmentation cost?

The cost of a Mini Breast Augmentation varies because it is a highly individualized surgery tailored for each patient. The overall price may include anesthesia, operating room facilities , new breast implants, and other related expenses. Additional tests and imaging may also add to your total. Contact us for additional information

Breast AugmentationScheduling a Consultation for a Breast Augmentation in Nashville

These were some of the most common questions discussed during a consultation. A personalized consultation is best for hearing and learning about breast augmentation firsthand. Dr. Papillion is truly amazing at his job and you won’t be disappointed in your decision to see him. Schedule your consultation today! We can’t wait to meet you!