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The eyes may be the most important feature of the face. They are usually the first thing seen when meeting someone and the most focused on features during any conversation. The eyes combined with the area surrounding- skin and eyebrows can indicate almost any emotion alone. The biggest issue, is when the appearance of the area does not match how we feel. Bags under the eyes can give a tired appearance when we feel great. Lower eyebrows can give an appearance of anger when we are just fine. A lot of these features are genetic, however, most people will have these changes just due to the natural aging process. Dr. Paul Warner Papillion, a double board-certified plastic surgeon, performs hundreds of eyelid surgery “blepharoplasty” and facial rejuvenation procedures a year. Dr. Papillion focuses on the entire eye region, oftentimes as mentioned before, the eyebrows and other surrounding areas may need to be addressed to give the best outcome. Schedule your consultation today in Nashville and keep reading as Dr. Papillion answers some key questions about eyelid “blepharoplasty” surgery.

Quick facts:


Cost: 4200-6700
Downtime: 4-10 days
Pain Scale: 3-5
Also known as: eyelid lift, blepharoplasty, eye bag surgery, tear trough surgery,

I am so happy that I found your practice and Dr. Papillon, I only wish I’d found him sooner! I was greeted warmly and helped right away when I arrived. I was very comfortable during the exam and all of my questions were answered thoroughly. I left feeling confident that I would use Dr. Papillion for this procedure mainly because I feel like his knowledge and attention to detail would extend beyond the exam room into the operating room. Dr. Papillion has an excellent bedside manner, which honestly is hard to find these days. I would feel 100% comfortable having my procedure done by Dr. Papillion.

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What are you looking for when you look at my eyes?

BlepharoplastyI look at several things: Your eyebrow position – too low and it will cause more excess skin above your eye; How much skin and fat you have above the eye; How much skin and fat you have below your eye; How much your eye protrudes in your profile when compared to your cheek; How much fullness you have to the region under your eye – very common to have volume loss in the cheek directly under the eye that needs to be addressed for optimal result. All of these areas will have a direct effect on your final result. By addressing the features that need to be corrected, you will have the best chance to have an amazing result.

Am I a good candidate for blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is a technique that improves the appearance of droopy or puffy eyelids. If you have these issues, you may be an ideal candidate for eyelid surgery in Nashville.

Patients with healthy facial skin and muscles are suitable candidates for blepharoplasty. People who are non-smokers and do not have medical conditions that impede healing are the best candidates. Candidates should have a positive attitude and must set realistic goals for themselves.

What will my blepharoplasty consultation be like?

I will analyze your general health status during your consultation prior to the date of your blepharoplasty. We will talk about your medical history, previous surgeries, drug allergies, current prescriptions, and expectations.

We will discuss the details of the blepharoplasty procedure, including aftercare directions. There will be a discussion of potential complications, and you can ask me any questions you may have in our Nashville office.

Where is the incision for the upper eyelid surgery?

The incision is hidden just above your eyelashes in the natural skin fold. It typically heals very well blending into a natural skin crease.

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Where is the incision for the lower eyelid surgery?

For the lower lids, there are two incision options, one inside the lower eyelid and one outside the lower eyelid just under the lash line. I typically prefer the outer incision because I can tighten the skin as well as address the fat pocket from this incision, and from the inside incision, I can only address the fat pockets.

What is the blepharoplasty procedure like?

Blepharoplasty is commonly performed as an outpatient procedure using a combination of local anesthesia and sedation. The procedure usually takes one to three hours.
In cases where the procedure is being used to address both the upper and lower eyelids, the upper lids are typically treated first.

I create the necessary incisions, camouflaging them naturally. Excess fat is removed or repositioned as needed, and loose muscle and skin are removed. The remaining tissue is tightened to create revitalized results. The incisions are closed with fine sutures.

How long do the results of the eyelid surgery last?

The results are long-lasting. I will say that this surgery can give long-lasting results, but the aging process will continue and you may certainly have to have a touch-up over time to maintain your results.

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These were a few commonly asked questions about eyelid “blepharoplasty” surgery in Nashville Tennessee. Schedule your consultation today with Dr. Paul Warner Papillion. We can’t wait to see you!