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Lip Lift


A lip lift is a common procedure that not many people are aware of. It’s commonly done to shorten and help rollout the upper lip. In facial aging, there are parts of our face that continue to grow causing changes that we sometimes don’t notice, but do play a part in an aged appearance. The upper lip grows long and covers the front teeth. The nose and ears also grow in time. All of these changes can certainly be addressed. Dr. Paul Warner Papillion, a double board certified plastic surgeon, will discuss all of these things during your consultation. If a lip lift is right for you, Dr. Papillion will be able to walk you through this process. Schedule your consultation today. We cannot wait to see you!

What Is a Lip Lift?

A lip lift is a surgical procedure that enhances the appearance of the lips, resulting in pronounced lips with heightened vermillion (the pinkish lip area). Lip lifts can help define the Cupid’s bow, lift sagging corners, add fullness to the upper lip, and more, depending on the technique used.

The basic principle involved in most lip lift surgeries is the shortening of the height of the philtrum. The philtrum is the region between the upper lip and the base of the nose. Shortening the philtrum increases the length of the vermilion exposed. As a result, lips get a fuller look and a defined contour.

In addition to improving the appearance of the lips, a lift lengthens the exposure of the upper middle teeth when the lips are at rest. This adds to the lips’ pronounced and naturally augmented appearance.

Lip Lift Techniques

There are many lip lift techniques, and the options offered differ from surgeon to surgeon. Surgeons perform techniques like direct lip lifts, subnasal bull horn lifts, central lip lifts, and corner lip lifts.

A direct lip lift, for example, involves removal of skin in the area just above the upper lip. In a subnasal bullhorn lift, an incision shaped like a bullhorn is made close to the base of the nose. Surgeons use this option to lift the right, left, and center of the upper lip.

Dr. Papillion will discuss lip lift techniques with you during your consultation, and the two of you will choose the best option for achieving your desired results.

Preparing for a Lip Lift

You will be instructed to stop drinking alcohol and smoking before the surgery in order to prevent interference with anesthesia. You will also be asked to stop taking blood-thinning medications and certain supplements.

The Lip Lift Procedure

At the start of the procedure, local anesthesia will be administered to numb the area, preventing any pain or discomfort. Once it has taken effect, Dr. Papillion will make small incisions in the region. Skin will be removed in order to define and enhance the lips. Incisions will then be closed.

The Healing Process

Follow Dr. Papillion’s post-surgical care instructions as closely as possible after your lip lift to avoid a prolonged healing period. Dr. Papillion will recommend a day’s rest after the surgery.

During recovery, activities such as sleeping on the face or opening the mouth wide are best avoided, since they can cause stress or trauma to the healing incisions. Ensure utmost care while brushing.

Dr. Papillion will recommend a suitable lip moisturizer for use during the healing process. Proper sun protection is vital. Minor swelling and bruising will be present but will fade in time. Once all healing has occurred, full results will be visible.

Quick Facts:

Lip Lift

Cost: 2000-2500
Downtime: 3 days
Pain Scale: 2
Also known as: lip reduction, lip elevation

I am so happy that I found your practice and Dr. Papillon, I only wish I’d found him sooner! I was greeted warmly and helped right away when I arrived. I was very comfortable during the exam and all of my questions were answered thoroughly. I left feeling confident that I would use Dr. Papillion for this procedure mainly because I feel like his knowledge and attention to detail would extend beyond the exam room into the operating room. Dr. Papillion has an excellent bedside manner, which honestly is hard to find these days. I would feel 100% comfortable having my procedure done by Dr. Papillion.

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