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Breast Augmentation Recovery


Having larger breasts is a dream for a lot of patients, but breast augmentation recovery is a topic that is often overlooked. Knowing what to expect after the procedure is extremely important. For more details about breast augmentation recovery in Nashville, patients can reach out to [primary_practice].

What to Expect During Breast Augmentation Recovery

Immediately following the procedure, patients will be required to rest as much as possible during breast augmentation recovery. This means as much bed rest as possible and avoiding any kind of stress. Patients will also be required to sleep on their backs in an elevated position.

Some minor discomfort, tenderness, bruising, and swelling can be expected during the recovery period. Patients may need to wear a surgical bra to keep the breasts in place and prevent the implants from getting jostled. Pressing, squeezing, or scratching at the affected areas should be avoided as much as possible.

How Long Is the Breast Augmentation Recovery Period?

Recovering from breast augmentation takes around three months; this includes the various post-operative appointments that will occur during this time. The most critical time will be the first six weeks.

After two months, much of the discomfort and tenderness should already be gone, with only minor sensitivity remaining. In the third month, the implants will have fully settled.

What to Keep in Mind During Breast Augmentation Recovery

Over the first few days of breast augmentation recovery, patients are advised rest and only perform light activities. Patients should be reducing the pain medications taken on a daily basis.

There should be no strenuous activity during the first six weeks. This includes lifting heavy objects or reaching too far. Patients should also avoid submerging themselves in baths for at least two weeks following the procedure and instead only take showers.

Following Breast Augmentation Recovery Instructions

It’s extremely important for patients to follow all instructions provided for the breast augmentation recovery period. This includes instructions on caring for the affected areas, changing bandages, applying topical treatments, and taking medications. This will help speed up healing, reduce the risk of infection, and address any discomfort they are experiencing.

Meals During Breast Augmentation Recovery

Proper nutrition is important for a smooth breast augmentation recovery experience. Preparing a balanced meal plan ahead of time is recommended. Foods with lots of protein, calories, and iron would be advised.

Set Up a Consultation

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