Lip Augmentation/Lip Implant


Choose a permanent solution to thinning lips with lip augmentation in Nashville. Lip implants offer long-lasting lip volume and natural-looking results.

Lip augmentation is most commonly done with lip filler. However, lip filler dissolves over the course of six to eight months and will need to be repeated to maintain your results. A lip implant is a good option for patients who are resistant to lip filler or want long-lasting results without having to undergo and pay for injections every six to eight months.

What Is a Lip Augmentation with Implants?

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that improves the shape and volume of the lips. Lip implants are one of the more popular permanent ways to enhance the lips.

Dr. Paul Papillion uses PermaLip implants, which are soft silicone implants. Thanks to these implants, the procedure is easily reversible in case you want to go back to your natural lip shape. They reduce the risk associated with repetitive filler injections, without the unnatural overdone look.

Am I a Good Candidate for Lip Implants?

If you have thin or asymmetrical lips, you may be an ideal candidate for lip augmentation with implants. You may also be a good candidate if you have an aversion to repeated lip injections or if lip filler does not last very long in your lips.

It is important that you have good elasticity and enough lip tissue to accommodate the implants. It is vital that you are in good overall health and have realistic expectations.

Your Consultation

Your consultation for lip augmentation will involve a physical examination of your lips. Dr. Papillion will discuss your medical history, including any recent treatments, current medications, and underlying conditions.

After discussing your desired results, a recommendation for the best implant size and shape will be given. Your treatment plan will then be formulated to meet your needs.

The Lip Augmentation Procedure

Lip augmentation using a lip implant can be done in the office. The lip implant procedure begins with the administration of a local anesthetic. Small incisions will be made on each corner of the lip. The implant will be inserted into these tiny openings through a tunnel of tissue. Once the desired placement is achieved, the incisions will be closed with absorbable sutures.

This process is then repeated with the other lip. The whole procedure typically takes only about 30 minutes to perform.

Recovery and Aftercare

There is only minimal downtime needed after your lip enhancement surgery. Recovery may take a few days. Expect a degree of bruising and swelling after the procedure, both of which will fade shortly. You may be given medications to manage any discomfort.

Choose only soft foods for the first days after your surgery to minimize chewing activity, which could dislodge the implant. Avoid drinking from a straw, and do not perform any excessive motions with your mouth for the first few days. You might also need to avoid sleeping on your side and engaging in heavy lifting or other strenuous activities for the first few days.

Cost of Lip Augmentation/Lip Implant

The cost of lip augmentation through placement of a lip implant varies depending on the patient’s goals. The overall price can be affected by anesthetic and surgical fees, which will reflect the implant size/shape used.

Arrange a Consultation

Learn more about lip augmentation in Nashville to find out if it is the best option for you. Contact Papillion Aesthetics to schedule a one-on-one consultation and learn how you can achieve plumper lips.

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