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Mini Breast Augmentation FAQ


If you’re interested in learning more about the mini breast augmentation procedure, we’ve gathered some common mini breast augmentation FAQs for Nashville patients. Also known as a mini boob job, this procedure gives breasts some extra volume, but not to the extent of the full breast augmentation procedure. This can be preferable for many practical and aesthetic reasons.

Q: What Makes a Mini Breast Augmentation Mini?

A: A mini breast augmentation qualifies as mini when the size of the implants is between 150cc and 275cc. This creates less dramatic results that look subtler and more natural.

Q: Are There Different Types of Mini Breast Augmentation Procedures?

A: Yes. Along with implant-based surgery, fat transfer breast augmentation procedures can also be considered mini breast augmentations, depending on the amount of fat that is transferred. This allows for the added benefit of body contouring, since excess fat is removed from trouble areas before it is transferred to the breasts.

Q: How Does a Mini Breast Augmentation Work?

A: The procedure behind a mini breast augmentation is relatively the same as a regular boob job, with only minor differences.

For a mini breast augmentation with implants, anesthesia is administered, and then incisions are created. Smaller tissue pockets are created, and then the smaller implants are inserted. Finally, incisions are closed with sutures.

For a mini breast augmentation with fat transfer, anesthesia is administered, and then liposuction is used to take excess fat from areas like the thighs and abdomen. The fat is then purified and transferred to the breasts via injection.

Q: Do I Need a Mini Breast Augmentation or a Regular One?

A: There are a lot of considerations that patients need to take into account when they decide if they need to get a mini breast augmentation or if they would be better off with a regular boob job.

It is important to make sure that the implant size suits the body type properly. Large breasts are not for everyone. Sometimes, a hint of cleavage or breasts that sit slightly higher on the chest is enough.

The size of a woman’s breasts can affect her daily life. For those who have active lifestyles and regularly take part in athletic activities, a mini breast augmentation is particularly ideal.

Recovery time after the procedure is also a factor. A mini breast augmentation is best for patients who prefer a shorter recovery period and less downtime.

Q: How Much Does a Mini Breast Augmentation Cost?

A: There are several factors that can affect the cost of getting a mini breast augmentation. The total procedure time can play a role in determining the overall price, as can the techniques utilized and anesthesia feels.

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