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Body contouring using liposuction is one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery in Nashville. Oftentimes in spite of diet and exercise, there are genetic trouble areas that can be improved with liposuction. The hips, bra roll, and abdomen are top-ranking areas of concern, but the inner thighs, arms, and chin follow close behind. Double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Warner Papillion truly enjoys liposuction. He says it’s like a sculpture that comes to life as you are performing the procedure. The shaping that he can achieve during liposuction is amazing. Be sure to check out his before and after gallery. Dr. Papillion has answered some commonly asked questions about liposuction below, keep reading to learn more.

Quick Facts:


Cost: 4500-6500 “one area”
Downtime: 5 days
Pain scale: 5-6
Also known as body contouring, lipo, hi-def lipo, laser lipo, smart lipo, Vaser liposuction, Brazilian buttlift, bbl,

Dr. Papillion is an incredibly talented surgeon. I wouldn’t trust my cosmetic surgery to anyone else. Hands down the best in the Nashville/Franklin area! A bonus is his wonderful staff. I am never kept waiting during office visits, they, including Dr. Papillion, were always available and responded quickly to all pre and post-op questions. The surgical center they use is also top notch.

by JC

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How long do I have to wear a garment?

I typically want you in a garment for 4-6 weeks after surgery. You can change into a stage 2 garment a week after surgery.

Will I have drains?

Sometimes. I use drains when I do large-volume liposuction as the area tends to drain more, and if you have a collection of fluid, it can prolong the healing process. For smaller areas of liposuction, I do not use a drain.

How long until I see my results?

You will see results immediately…however, you will be swollen, and will take about 3 months to see your final results as swelling can take some time to go away.<

When can I work out?

With small areas, I like you to wait until 2 weeks after surgery. With larger areas, I like you to wait 3 weeks.

Will the fat just come back or come back somewhere else?

When you shape the area and remove fat, those fat cells are gone. If you maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, your results should be long-lasting. If you gain weight over time or have other body changes, you can certainly have a recurrence of fat deposition to the prior shaped area and to other areas.

There are so many types of liposuction (laser, hi-def, tumescent, ultrasound) how do I know which is best?

Your result will depend on the person doing the surgery NOT the device or technique. Marketing in plastic surgery is very aggressive and unfortunately can be misleading at times. I have used and or had exposure to most of these devices and techniques… I repeat, your surgeon will be the reason you have a good result, not the device.

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These were a few questions commonly asked during liposuction consultations. Dr. Paul Warner Papillion would love to see you about your body contouring needs. Schedule a consultation today. We can’t wait to see you!