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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. Double board certified plastic surgeon Dr Paul Warner Papillion performs more breast augmentations than any other single procedure in his practice. The ability to use your owns body fat for breast enlargement is quickly gaining interest. Breast implants are the gold standard in breast augmentation, however the ability to use your own natural fat for breast augmentation is very attractive for many patients. Keep reading below to find out if a fat transfer for breast augmentation may be right for you.

Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer Before & After Photos
Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer Before & After Photos

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Quick Facts:

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Cost: 6500-8900
Downtime: 7-10 days
Pain Scale 1-10: 6-7
Also known as: Natural Breast Augmentation, Fat Transfer for Breast, Mini Breast Augmentation, No Implant Augmentation

After deciding to start my journey with breast augmentation, I started researching surgeons in my area. I had already met with one doctor at a different office when I had my consultation with Dr. Papillion. He had rave reviews and I loved the results of his before and after shots. From the get go, everything was so easy. I was nervous for my first appointment, but right away, Dr. Papillion calmed my nerves. He walked me through what he could do for me during the procedure and what I could expect from my results. I knew quickly I was in the right hands and had found the best surgeon for me. I scheduled my surgery that same day. He answered all of my crazy questions before and after my procedure in detail and with quick responses. He was so easy to talk to, as well as all his staff and nurses. My recovery was a breeze and my pain was well managed. I will absolutely return to Dr. Papillion for any future procedures I decide to get. I have already referred him to a great friend of mine looking to get a breast augmentation. I could not love my results more! Thank you for making such a great impact on my life!

by K

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How do I know if I am a good candidate for fat transfer for breast augmentation?

Good candidates have two key things:

  • Enough fat to harvest and then transfer into the breast. – often times the patients desiring a breast augmentation, will have only a small amount of fat to harvest. We need areas with enough fat to be able to perform liposuction safely leaving behind a good result when harvesting is complete. We also need enough fat to make a noticeable breast enhancement.
  • Enough natural breast tissue to hold the fat. – The fat transfer lives because it gains a new blood supply when transferred. If the breast are very small to begin with, they will quickly fill up and we will run out of room the place additional fat. If too much fat is placed, it simply won’t receive a new blood supply and go away with time. Have a little more breast tissue to start helps with offering the new transferred fat more room to live, and thus you get a better and more predictable result.

Does the fat go away with time?

Once the fat has been transferred and gains a new blood supply, it will live and grow as it did before harvesting. Meaning, if you gain weight, the new fat will grow. If you lose wt, the new fat will shrink.

How big can I go?

This questions depends on how good of a candidate you are and how many sessions your are willing to undertake. On average, from what I have seen, you can expect around a half to a full cup size improvement with one fat transfer. If you want a larger change, you would need more than one session of fat transfer.

Where you take fat from?

Anywhere really. However the preferred areas are the hips and abdomen as these areas typically have more fat and will benefit from the body contouring done during harvesting. If we need more fat, other areas such as the back, thighs, arms, can be used for harvest.

What does the surgery look like?

During the consult we discuss your desires and anatomy. If you are a good candidate for fat transfer, we proceed with selection of the fat harvest site and breast size goals. The day of surgery, I mark the areas selected for fat harvest and the breast for placement. The surgery typically takes 2 hours depending on how much fat harvest needs to be done. When you wake from surgery, you are in a sport bra and a body garment. You can expect soreness to the harvest site and breast. You can also expect a fair amount of bruising to the breast. The breast will also be very swollen and tight. This will decrease over the first few days. You go home the same day.

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Breast AugmentatioScheduling a Consultation for a Breast Augmentation in Nashville

These were some of the most common questions discussed during a consultation. A personalized consultation is best for hearing and learning about breast augmentation first hand. Dr. Papillion is truly amazing at his job and you won’t be disappointed in your decision to see him. Schedule your consultation today! We can’t wait to meet you!