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Gluteal reshaping or Brazilian Butt Lift has become a much more desirable procedure over the past few years. The ability to take fat away from the hip region and add it to parts of the butt region offer a new found ability to create a much more pleasing silhouette than just liposuction alone. Some people are lucky and have great genetics for the perfect shape and contour. Most people desiring improvement in the hourglass shape, will need some assistance that they simply cannot do on their own. Dr. Paul Papillion, a double board certified plastic surgeon, routinely performs this operation. His vision and ability to carry out that vision is sought out by many. To our knowledge, Dr. Papillion is one of the top providers in the Nashville area performing more Brazilian butt lifts than anyone in the region. His experience and expertise in this procedure are very hard to match locally.

Below the quick facts, Dr Papillion answers common questions about Brazilian butt lift. Keep reading to learn more.

Quick Facts:

Brazilian Butt Lift

Cost: 8000-12,000
Downtime: 10-14 days
Pain Scale: 7
Also known as: BBL, Butt augmentation, gluteal reshaping, fat transfer, fat grafting, Liposuction with fat transfer,

Dr. Papillion is an incredibly talented surgeon. I wouldn’t trust my cosmetic surgery to anyone else. Hands down the best in the Nashville/Franklin area! A bonus is his wonderful staff. I am never kept waiting during office visits, they, including Dr. Papillion, were always available and responded quickly to all pre and post-op questions.

by JC

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What areas of liposuction come with a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The common areas where fat is harvested from include the abdomen, hips, and flank regions. Patients often desire liposuction to additional areas which can of course be added to these main areas. The second most common harvest sites for Brazilian Butt lift include the entire back, inner and outer thighs, inner knee region, and arms. In a very thin patient, multiple regions may have to used to obtain enough fat to have a good result.

Do you use drains?

Yes, when I started performing this procedure several years back, I did not use drains. This issue was that since this is a larger amount of liposuction, fluid was accumulating after surgery that increased the recovery time and prolonged the time needed to get to your final result. Drains are helpful in making sure that you have no fluid accumulating in areas of liposuction, which will speed up your recovery time and get closer to your final result sooner. The drains usually exit the same entry sites used for the liposuction. One in the front and one in the back. The drains can be removed after a few days.

Do I need to gain weight to have surgery?

Brazilian Butt LiftNo. I hear several plastic surgeons recommend this to patients who are a little thin. When you gain weight intentionally, but do not normally live at that weight, you will lose the weight. Meaning, if you gain weight for surgery, we perform the surgery and shape the extra fat you gained. Your normal life cycle will have you revert back to your pre weight gain size… and thus you will lose the shape changes afforded by your gain in size earlier.

I recommend you be at your goal weight for life. You should be at a healthy weight, maintained by a good diet and an active lifestyle. Performing your surgery at your baseline healthy size, will offer the best long term results.

Does the fat grafting to the butt go away?

No. When we perform liposuction and fat grafting, we remove fat cells from one part of your body and add them to another part. Those cells are alive when we remove them. When we transfer them to another part of the body they receive a new blood supply to remain alive. About 65% of the fat cells will obtain a new blood supply and live. The rest will die and be reabsorbed by your body. The cells that live, will grow and or shrink depending on your overall body fat content. They live and grow with you forever in their new site.

Does the fat come back to the areas you liposuctioned?

Depends. Genetically we all have areas where we are most likely to “store” extra fat. In women, it is common in the hip and thigh region. When we perform liposuction we remove fat from that location to shape the area, but we do not remove all of the fat in that region. Over time, if you gain weight, you could certainly have a natural preference for those genetic areas to re-accumulate fat in that region over another region. So, to answer the question, if you maintain your weight, it would be unlikely for the fat to come right back to those areas. However, if you gain weight, the fat will return with time.

How long until I can sit after the surgery?

I like to avoid prolonged pressure to the gluteal region for 3 weeks. You can sit for short amounts of time, but ideally you would spend most of this early time laying on your stomach or sides or standing.

What does recovery look like?

When you wake up from surgery, you will be laying on your side in the recovery room. You will be in a compression garment. You will head home that day. If you have the ability to lay down on your stomach during short transport, that is ideal, but if not, you will pad your gluteal region for sitting during the ride home. You will need to get up and walk every hour when you are awake to maintain good blood circulation to your legs. The first week is light daily activity. You will see me a week later for a check up. You may return to light work activities the second week. You will have to be creative in how you position yourself to do these jobs due to the limitation of sitting. We can help. You will stay in the garment for 4-6 weeks. I will continue to check on you during this time. You can start light working out around week 3.

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Brazilian Butt LiftBrazilian Butt lift Nashville Tennessee

These were some of the most common questions asked about Brazilian butt lift. We always recommend seeing 2-3 highly qualified plastic surgeons for any procedure. We highly recommend that Dr. Papillion be one of the surgeons you seek out for this procedure! We look forward to taking care of you!

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