Dr Papillion and all of his staff are so kind and helpful. At my consult we went over everything I wanted and some of what to expect. I had a 100 questions about the procedure and aftercare and Dr. Papillion was happy to take the time to answer all of them. Once my consult was over his wife Sarah brought me to her office to go over cost and ultimately book my surgery date and put down a deposit. I’m 11 weeks post-op now and so happy with my results! I had what would be considered a mommy makeover, which for me included an abdominiplasty (tummy tuck), mastopexy (breast lift), liposuction to my hips, and axillary tissue removal (removal of breast tissue near my armpits). I am stunned and overjoyed by my results! Dr. Papillion did a fantastic job!

When talking to him about a breast lift he had me send him photos of what size and shape I was going for so he could do the best job possible to give me what I wanted. He also managed to cut out pretty much the entirety (minus 2 small 1-inch lines) of a huge hip to hip tattoo that I had which I was very pleased with!

Dr. Papillion is not a surgeon that will forget about you after your procedure is over. He gives out his personal cell phone number and is available 24/7 if needed. When I developed a suspected blood clot a week after surgery he was on top of making sure I went to the ER and came to visit me the next day in the hospital before going in for surgery to see how I was doing. I have healed quickly and I have no doubt it’s because of his caring hands and technique. And my results speak for themself. They can be found in his website www.PapillionAesthetics.com under the mommy makeover gallery.