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Preoperative Instructions


This is a basic review sheet on general preoperative information. Your nurse will review specific preoperative information for your surgery at the time of preoperative visit which is typically 2 weeks before your scheduled surgery.

Two weeks before surgery you will need to stop all supplements and certain medications. A list of these medications will be emailed to you separately.

Remember to wear loose comfortable clothes to surgery. Wear a button up top shirt as you don’t want to pull anything over your head.

If you have a headache you may take Tylenol only.

If you have allergies or trouble sleeping, you may take Benadryl.

NO drinking alcohol 48 hours prior to surgery.

Do not drink or eat anything after midnight the night before surgery unless directed otherwise by the anesthesiologist.

Make sure to have a ride to and from the surgery center as you will not be allowed to drive yourself.

All your prescriptions will be sent in 2 weeks before surgery. It is recommend to pick up those before your surgery day.

Start the antibiotic given to you the night of your surgery. So when you get home from surgery, start the antibiotic that night.

Do not apply lotions or creams to your skin the day of surgery.

No not wear deodorant.

Do not bring valuables or wear jewelry to the surgery center, leave valuables at home.

If you have questions about your preoperative medications or instructions, email
team@papillionaesthetics with your question.