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Otoplasty Post-Operative Instructions


Immediately following surgery, you will have a gauze dressing covering your head and ears. It must stay in place until your first post-op visit. It will be removed then. When the dressing is first removed, the ears may appear flat to the head or overcorrected. We ask that you sleep with a headband, such as a thick exercise sweatband, around the ears once the dressing is removed. Your physician will instruct you when you no longer need to sleep with this headband.

After your surgery, it is recommended that you sleep or rest with your head elevated on at least two or three pillows to decrease swelling.

Swelling and some discoloration are expected near the ears. This will subside in two to three weeks. Report any excessive or uneven swelling to our office.

You may shower and shampoo gently once the head dressing is removed. Baby shampoo is recommended for the first two weeks. While in the shower, let the water run gently over the surgical sites behind the ears. After showering, apply antibiotic ointment (Bacitracin).

Discomfort is expected but should be minor and limited to the area of the procedure.

Avoid contact sports or vigorous activities in which you ears could be hit.

Pain medication and general anesthesia can cause constipation. It is helpful to begin on a stool softener a, such as Colace a few days before surgery. If constipation is a problem after surgery, you may use a glycerin suppository or Fleet enema.

Do not take your pain medications on an empty stomach. Eat a light snack, such as crackers, about 30 minutes before you take your medication.

Call the office if your incision is red, hot and tender or if you start to have increasing pain as you may have an infection.