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Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift Post-Operative Instructions



You will have a sports bra on after surgery. An elastic chest strap or ace wrap may be placed during your surgery. Keep the sports bra on and the chest strap snug and placed above your implants; or if you were given an ace wrap, make sure it is spread evenly over your breast. When you take off the bra, you will see small white tapes on your incisions. These are called steri-strips. They will remain in place until your follow up.

You may shower 2 days after surgery; blot the incisions dry. If the steri-strips come off, dress the wound with antibiotic ointment (Polysporin). Do not tub bathe until cleared by your doctor to do so.

You can expect some drainage on your steri strips covering your incisions. Maximum discomfort will occur in the first few days after surgery; most people are up and around in 3-5 days.

You may become constipated due to the pain medications and should begin a stool softener (i.e. Colace) after surgery. If you have gone several days without a bowel movement and are feeling uncomfortable, you may want to consider using a glycerin suppository or Fleet’s enema (available at all drug stores).

You may experience temporary electrical or tingling feelings in the breast and nipple in the weeks following your surgery. You could also experience numbness to the nipples after surgery. These feelings are normal and will get better with time. Do not apply ice or heat to surgical sites.

The chest wrap can sometimes cause discomfort under the arm pits and additional pain to the breast. If this occurs, it is ok to loosen the band, or even remove it for a period of time. Otherwise the band will remain on comfortably in place.

Your chest may feel tight for four to eight weeks, until the chest muscles relax. The exact time varies between patients depending on the muscle mass, breast elasticity, and activity level after surgery. You may also experience more pain in one breast than the other.

Sutures are dissolvable. They are under your skin and released at the end of each incision. They are clear in appearance and will be trimmed to the skin line at your first postop appointment.


Do not take your pain medications on an empty stomach. Eat a light snack, such as crackers, about 30 minutes before you take your medication.

Refrain from sleeping on your stomach. Sleep slightly elevated by propping up your back with a few pillows until your first postop appointment unless otherwise directed by your doctor. Its ok to sleep flat and on your side after the first post op visit.

Do not drive or operate machinery while you are taking your narcotic pain medication. If you are still taking narcotics by the time of your first postop appointment, then have someone drive you to your appointment.

Do not lift items more than 10 pounds and avoid using excessive pushing and pulling “no vacuuming” until cleared by Dr Papillion.

You can walk as much as you want from day 1. Do not walk fast enough that your heart rate becomes elevated or you start to sweat. You will be released to get your heart rate up and start working out at roughly three weeks depending on your personal healing and progression. When released to start working out, you will start with lower body first and gradually move to upper body.


If you have a change in nipple color or appearance, or if one breast becomes larger than the other
If you develop severe shortness of breath of chest pain- call 911, then notify physician
If you run a fever, or have chills- call our office
If you have markedly increased pain, bruising, swelling, or bloody drainage- call our office
If you develop leg swelling or calf pain- call our office
If you have persistent nausea or vomiting- call our office
If you are uncertain about a medication or treatment- call our office
If you are experiencing any adverse symptoms or changes that you do not understand- call our office