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Breast Lift FAQ


A breast lift can address a lot of issues, from sagginess to asymmetrical breasts. With that said, there are numerous misconceptions when it comes to what this procedure can or cannot do. One of the most common mistakes is confusing it with breast augmentation, which is a very different procedure. Looking over our breast lift FAQs helps Nashville patients learn more about this popular procedure.

Q: What Can a Breast Lift Do?

A: A breast lift focuses specifically on the shape, symmetry, and degree of sagging of the breasts. As women age or go through extreme changes in their bodies like pregnancies or nursing, their breasts start to sag. A breast lift can lift the breasts and areolae back into place and help them regain their form. It accomplishes this by getting rid of excess skin. A breast lift can also resize and reposition areolae.

Q: How Does Breast Lift Differ from Breast Augmentation?

A: Breast augmentations involve using breast implants to add volume to breasts, while a breast lift is all about reshaping and repositioning tissues to address sagging. If patients want perkier breasts that do not droop, a breast lift is the way to go. On the other hand, if they want bigger breasts, breast augmentation would be the better option.

Q: What Is the Right Age to Get a Breast Lift?

A: There is no one right age to get a breast lift. Middle-aged women with sagging breasts often undergo this procedure, but younger or older patients may also be good candidates. Patients who no longer plan on having more children and are not currently nursing infants are ideal for a breast lift, since pregnancy and nursing can affect the procedure’s results.

Q: Does Breast Size Affect Breast Lift Results?

A: Breast size will have no impact on the procedure, except in terms of the amount of excess skin that will need to be removed. The goal is to give the breasts a better shape and to sit higher on the patient’s chest by working with what’s already there.

Q: How Long Is the Recovery Period for a Breast Lift?

A: Depending on the extent of the procedure, patients could be recovering from their breast lift for between six and 12 weeks. Patients can often return to work after a week and can resume physically taxing activities after several weeks.

Q: How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost?

A: There are many factors that can determine how much a patient’s breast lift will cost. These will be explained when patients come in for a consultation. Factors that can affect price include total surgical time, anesthesia fees, and the specific techniques used.

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