In the Spring of 2021, I realized I had a ruptured breast implant. Along with this rupture, I had pain in the left breast and I knew I had to have this situation remedied as soon as possible. I did some research and discovered Dr. Paul W. Papillion in the Cool Springs area. His patients could not say enough wonderful things about the doctor, their experience and their results. Upon meeting Dr. Papillion, I immediately knew I had found a kind and caring physician who could help me through this surgery. Dr. Papillion took his time to explain the surgery and all that would be involved in this exchange and my aftercare. Not long after our initial consultation, I had my surgery and now after some months of healing, I am so pleased to say the surgery was a great success. I am beyond thrilled with my beautiful result. Dr. Papillion and his amazing staff are the the most caring group of professionals, with a commitment to excellence. I am still seeing Dr. Papillion for continued aftercare as he insists that the patient is completely satisfied and all is well with the final result. Dr. Papillion is a compassionate, empathic and highly skilled physician who delivers the highest standard of care possible. I can’t thank him enough for all he did to help me through this, as he continues to ensure my complete health and wellness as his first priority. Thank you Dr. Papillion and staff for the highest standard of care and all you did to help me regain my health and full restoration. I highly recommend this outstanding medial practice and this gifted wonderful doctor!