Dr. Papillion was patient and listened during our pre-surgical consults. He trusted my judgment both on what kind of outcome I was looking for and on my ability to handle facial surgery with only local anesthetic. Because I wasn’t under general, I actually remember quite a bit of the surgery (we listened to David Bowie radio on Pandora and they loosely wrapped a blanket under my chin and up over my eyes; the couple of times I started to feel sensation in my nose, I said “ow,” and Dr. Papillion gave me another shot of local anesthetic). My recovery was rough for a day or two, with nostrils full of bloody scabs, but it quickly improved, and I was able to return to work a week after surgery with a nose that was swollen but not noticeably so to anyone who didn’t know what I’d had done. Now almost 3 months later, the swelling has subsided significantly and it looks great. I’m glad I went to Dr. Papillion and would recommend him for his courtesy and skill.