I did research for about 2 years before deciding on a surgeon for breast augmentation with lift and a tummy tuck. When I met with Dr. Papillion for the first time, he by far exceeded my expectations and completely put my mind at ease. I immediately knew that I wanted him to be my surgeon for my procedure. The morning of surgery, everyone from nurses to the anesthesiologist and hospital employees were very pleasant. Along with letting me know I had made a wise decision on choosing Dr. Papillion due to his excellent work in the OR. On this day it was a life changing decision that I choose to make. I was very nervous, scared and worried but before we even went back Dr. Papillion and his nursing staff prayed with me before surgery. During my surgery he and his staff keep my family support updated and aware of how I was doing. He personally visited with my family afterwards easing their mind to let them know all has went well. The next day he came to check on my recovery and took the time to answer any questions. He always remained available at all times to me by giving me his cell phone number which I did use often cause I was overly cautious during my healing process. As well as his office staff (Leslie is awesome, very personable and always puts a smile on my face) during my recovery period I also had her cell phone number and she always reassured me. I could not be happier with my results and I would definitely use him again. I would recommend him to anyone.