Consultation: I have wanted a breast augmentation for as long as I can remember. I finally started saving money in Feb/Mar of 2016. I researched daily, from Plastic Surgeons, implant types, sizes, placement, etc… I scheduled 3 consultations with my Top 3 Plastic Surgeon choices. My first consult was with Dr. Paul Papillion. I waited no more than 5 minutes to get into a room and have a nurse come right behind. Shortly after that Dr. Papillion joined in and introduced himself. He was kind and made me feel right as ease. I went in to my consultation with question after question, but before I could even ask a majority of them Dr. Papillion hit them all on the spot. He never made me feel rushed and allowed me to ask any additional questions he didn’t cover and answered them in the best ways possible for me to understand. After he left the nurse and I took (before) photos, tried on implant sizers and that day I decided I liked 500cc’s. The nurse took photos on my phone for me with the sizers in so I can have to see how they looked on my body frame. Afterwards, I went and spoke with Lisa, the Director of Patient/Physician Relations. We discussed the cost and looked at surgery dates, but I wanted to go home and discuss my consult with my husband and decided if I wanted to continue consulting with other PS’s. Needless to say, I was on Cloud 9 with how my consult went, how much I loved Dr. Papillion and his staff and had no second thoughts on whether I wanted him to perform my operation or not. I called the following day and scheduled my surgery for 10/19/16. Pre-Op Appointment: I went in right under 2 weeks before my surgery to fill out paperwork and to go over what not to do before surgery. During this appointment they allowed me to go into another room again to try on sizers because I expressed my desire to possibly go bigger than my original 500cc choice. After trying on sizers again I decided I was happier with the look of 600cc. The nurse checked with Dr. Papillion to make sure this would be an option for me and he came in to discuss my changes with me. (I wasn’t even scheduled to see him during this appointment, so for him to come in and see/talk with me was great in my opinion) Today I am a little over a month PO and I LOVE my result. I love my choice on Dr. Papillion, I loved how nice his staff was, I love the surgery center he performs his procedures at and how kind all of those nurses were. Best decision I could have ever made for myself.