I had my consultation on October 3rd, I saw Dr. Papillion’s reviews and before and after pictures and was extremely impressed. First doctor where I couldn’t find anything negative. This was my 3rd consultation to find a doctor. When I first got there I was shocked and impressed by how welcoming and nice his entire staff was. Dr. Papillion talked to me about my expectations and what I wanted. They took pictures and then Dr. P did a mock before and after on multiple outcomes I basically could choose from. He showed me 3 different pictures and everyone of them I wanted to say yes to. After seeing Dr. P I spoke to Cindi who explained payment and possibly scheduling. Again she was so nice and knowledgeable, I ended up securing a surgery date that day. I had surgery on November 2nd, I was unbelievably nervous but again everyone at the surgery center was amazing! I talked to Dr. P before surgery and he was very reassuring. It’s day 10 PO and I am so happy I chose Dr. Papillion, there is still swelling but my cast is off and I honestly could not have wished for better results.