I went to Dr. Papillion to have a unique type of otoplasty done. I didn’t like that my ears didn’t have much of a fold on the top and the scapha (upper ear) appeared long, which caused them to look elf like to me. Dr. P and his staff were very kind from the start and made me feel comfortable. I was pretty nervous the day of the procedure, but they gave me a combo of mild oral medications that helped me to relax. Dr. P’s staff was wonderful and had soft music playing and covered me with blankets. I don’t remember a lot during the procedure but, do remember a sweet nurse patting my hands while getting the numbing injections, which was very comforting. The numbing injections around the ears weren’t bad at all and I had zero pain during the procedure. The first 48 hours after was the most painful, as expected, but honestly wasn’t a big deal. I didn’t even pick up the pain meds they had prescribed and just took 1 or 2 tylenol. Most of the pain was from me bumping my ears by accident.

It’s been about a month and a half now and my ears are healing well and look much more normal. The procedure has given me the confidence to go swimming without worrying my ears are showing or to wear my hair up. I would highly recommend Dr. Papillion for any procedure. He is a great surgeon!